Academy: Spring 2022

Please contact us to join and for a prorated fee.

Class Overview

Academy ballet classes our traditional ballet classes that offer enhanced ballet education by studying classical ballets and their characters, composers and choreography over 3-6 week periods. Class levels progress with age.


Core strength & flexibility

Mindfulness to body and breathing

Artistic growth & development


Age Groupings:

B1: 2nd & 3rd grade

B2:  4th-6th grade

B3: 6th-8th grade

B4:  8th-10th grade

B5:  10th-12th grade


Class Leotard, pink ballet shoes and tights, tan tap shoes, hair in bun.

*Class attire information will come in a class welcome email and on the 1st day of class, or you may call to inquire.


Performance Opportunities
Annual Ballet Recital:  June 19th



Total: $442.00