Your Child’s
Magical Ballet Journey Begins

at our enchanting ballet school with tutus, tiptoes & twirls. Our exclusive Fairytale Ballets will captivate, engage, and create an extraordinary learning environment where ballet is taken to new heights.


Baby Ballerinas

18 – 24 months with Caregiver

For the youngest dancer, a special Fairytale Ballet Class that showcases beloved Nursery Rhymes with engaging props and music. Musical instruments, scarves and more enhance the learning environment to reinforce simple creative movement.


Help toddlers connect socially

Reinforces concepts of print and introduces new words

Strengthens gross motor skills


coming soon

Twinkle Toes

2 & 3 years with Caregiver

Twirl into our Fairytale Ballet world in this toddler class full of imagery and fun. Weekly literature, props and costumes inspire creative ballet movement and self-expression as ballerinas become more aware of their bodies and the space around them.


Encourages independent thinking and creativity

Enhances language skills, comprehension and understanding of emotions

Develops balance and body awareness


This Season’s Offerings

Community Classes In Evanston & Highland Park

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Fairytale Ballerinas

2.5 to 5 Years / Various age groupings

Ballerinas dance through Fairytale Ballets with a naturally progressing curriculum. Introductions of ballet terminology and steps, correct body placement, and musical rhythms are merged with characters, costumes and inspiring props.


Enhances literacy development while expanding vocabulary

Rhythmic patterns and counting assist in developing math skills

Develops cognitive skills, self expression and independent thinking


This Season’s Offerings

Community Classes In Evanston & Highland Park

Private, semi-private and pod classes available to schedule

Evanston Schedule Highland Park Schedule

Fairytale Pods

Weekly Custom Classes for All Ages / 1 – 3 hours

Let us create the perfect class full or tiptoes and twirls for your exclusive group!  Choose from our Fairytale Ballet classes, or mix in tap, creative movement, boogie jazz or camp elements for a session full of fun.  Inquire today and we’ll start creating a perfect schedule just for you!

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