Studio Policies & Procedures


Class enrollment

Classes are limited to 12 students.  Enrollments are processed in the order received.  Studio and website registration/enrollment is available.  The website is updated as soon as possible when a class becomes full, but it is possible for an enrollment to still be accepted online before the update.  If this should happen, you will be notified as soon as possible to select a second class choice.


Sick Policy

If your child has a fever or shows any signs of an illness, please schedule a make-up class online under the current students tab.


Make-up class

Make-up classes are available during your current enrolled session and for any reason.  If you need to miss a class, you may schedule your make-up before a planned absence, or after, as long as it falls within the current session.  If you continue class into the following session, and have processed your enrollment, your make-up class can be carried over.  If this should happen, please reach out to the office via email to schedule you previous session’s make-up class.


Arrival and Dismissal

All parents must be responsible for being on time dropping off and picking up their children.  Stay with your child in the lobby until the teacher has called for the students to enter class and they are in the dance room.  (Older students may be dropped off).  If you are late picking up your child, the teacher will bring your child into the dance room to stay with her until you arrive.


Food and Drink /Trash and Personal Belongings

For the safety of all, refrain from bringing food/drink into the studio.  If your find it necessary that your child will need food/drink while they are in the studio, PLEASE keep it in the lobby and adhere to these rules:  if a drink is needed for your dancer, please bring a water bottle; if a snack is needed, please bring a NUT FREE one.  Take all snack and water bottle trash with you when you leave.

We ask that all patrons make a conscious effort to pick up their personal belongings and help to keep our studio free of trash.


Photos & Videos

For the safety and respect of students and faculty, photography and filming of class is NOT ALLOWED.  Parents may photography their own child in the lobby.  The studio will hold a watch week a few times during the year for observation from inside the classroom.  On this day, you may take photos and film of your child from inside the classroom during class.


Inclement Weather

We follow Evanston school closings and will cancel class if the Evanston School District has cancelled classes or activities due to inclement weather.  All weekend classes will be canceled if needed at the discretion of the studio.  If the studio should cancel class, we will send an email and also update our website banner with the closing date.